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When a group of roving mixologists decides to dip their hands in creams, The Nitro Parlour is what you get!
Born on stone-hard foundations of delivering a multi-sensory experience, The Nitro Parlour is all about the good stuff. While we do not yet have a brick and motar store, The Nitro Parlour lurks around fleas, carnivals and events alike with a bite sized menu of refreshing “Italian Sodas”, delicious “Nitro Bites”, and our famous “Nitro Sherbet”.
Be it an intimate house party, a music festival, or a massive convention, The Nitro Parlour is able to deliver a mesmerizing and gastronomically inducing experience to your guests. Like us to find out where we’ll be popping up next.

Popup Stalls Our popup stall offerings and prices

Italian Soda Light and Refreshing

Artisanal Italian Sodas $4

The Nitro Parlour's sodas are made using the same artisanal syrups we use in mixology. Flavours and brands hand picked to ensure only the best and most original tasting flavours. We also specifically use Singha soda for its crisp bubbles and vibrance. Sodas are topped with either whipped cream, or our homemade Thai Milk Tea Espuma. Sunny Singapore's best remedy.
Available in: Calpis, Melon, Lychee, Lavender Honey, Green Apple, and Passion Fruit
Nitro Sherbet Probably the best ice cream 1

Flash Frozen Sherbets $7

Our signature Sherbets is truly one of the best "ice creams" around. You'll have to try it for yourself to understand why. By charging our ice cream mixes in a siphon with nitrous oxide and years of mixology experience, we ensure that our sherbets have a silky smooth consistency before flash freezing them in liquid nitrogen. The most refreshing and delicious dessert you've never had.
Available in: Bandung, Nutella, and Thai Milk Tea
Nitro Bites Delectable nitro frozen bites

Delectable Nitro Bites $5

We've caught on the same trend of consuming a certain mythical creature's breath. But we believe in a little more practicality. Food is food, and food should taste good. We've curated three of our favourite snacks that do seemingly well frozen in liquid nitrogen, and topped it with a generous portion of drizzles. We promise you a huge breath of smoke for visual desserts as well.
Available in: Cereal Pillow, Caramel Corn Chips, and Cheese Balls

Private Events and Engagements Fancy some desserts with a smoke show

Live Preparation of both Nitro Sherbets and Bites

First 2 hours: $800
Subsequent hours: $200
Produces an average of 100 cups in total an hour

What will be provided:
– 1 x 200L Liquid Nitrogen Tank
– 2 x Labour
– Foldable Table

All Sherbets will be served in 13oz cups
All Bites will be served in 12oz cups

Drizzles (Choose 3) – Mango Puree , Chocolate, White Chocolate, Butterscotch, Gula Melaka

All Sherbet flavours and Bites options will be available!

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